Demon Lord Retry Season 2 – Review, Release Date, Cast

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There were numerous speculations surrounding the Demon Lord Retry anime show. It is Japanese series published in 2019, and it is originally based on light novel series from the author Kurone Kanazaki. The series is highly popular in Japan and was initially named Demon Lord, after which it was renamed to Maou-Sama Retry, due to an anime titled Megami no Eshi, which translates as A Goddess’s Blessing.

After its premiere, the show was distributed by Funimation on many world’s networks, such as Tokyo MX, and it became very popular outside Japan as well. The reception of the show was really good, and with the high popularity, many fans are wondering when season 2 is coming out. We researched and gathered information regarding Demon Lord Retry season 2 we would like to share with you. So without further redo, let us start.

Although fans are uncertain if the anime will be renewed for season two at all, there are speculations that it is already renewed and that things are in motion to start filming. This, of course, strictly speaking, remains speculation since neither Ekachi Epilka nor any other member of the production crew has confirmed this information.

One of the main reasons why fans should remain hopeful is the fact that the first season ended with the phrase “To be continued,” which indicates that the show makers are not yet done and that there is still a story to be told.

However, everyone who enjoyed the first season of this exciting anime should exercise some patience, and when we get the official date of the release, we will surely update this section. There is still hope since various speculations claim that we might get Demon Lord Retry season 2 premiere somewhere in late 2022.


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