NBA Playoff Predictions 2022

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Officially, the 2020-21 NBA season has ended. We are very proud of Giannis Antitokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks, and their victory over a 2-0 deficit at the 2021 NBA Finals. They won the first NBA title in 50-years. It is a never-ending league, and the people are curious to look ahead to the 2021-22 season. The playoffs are just around the corner, so it is an excellent time to make predictions and share the hot takes.

Who Are The Contenders For The 2022 NBA Championship?

The 2022 NBA Championship competition is expected to be fierce. The Milwaukee Bucks are a solid contender to win again. Still, veteran teams like the Brooklyn Nets or Golden State Warriors have the potential to claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy for themselves. Let’s have an in-depth look at the top candidates for the 2022 NBA league. To know more NBA odds and bettings, check out FanDuel.

This season, it seems that Brooklyn is ready to reach their full championship potential now that Durant has joined them for the third season. Although Kyrie Irving’s participation is still a concern, Brooklyn continues to be successful with Harden and Durant.

Although the Brooklyn Nets have been plagued by injury this season, they have not lost their momentum. The Nets’ passing skills and ability to find open shots to support their role players are the best in the league, despite the threat from Durant and Harden.

The Nets’ success is not without its problems. Kyrie Irving’s status remains a sticking point. The Nets’ supporting cast is more than willing to support their star players, even if they are unavailable. The Nets’ problem is not talent but health. Brooklyn is a tough team to beat if all the players are available.

After one disappointing season, the public was quick to overlook the Golden State Warriors’ talents. In their first game, the Warriors showed the league their talent with Stephen Curry’s outstanding performance and the progress made by Andrew Wiggins.

The Warriors are constantly a threat in offensive play, mainly because of Stephen Curry’s excellent shooting and passing skills. It’s silly to raise any question about Stephen Curry’s capability to guide a team towards a playoff win now that the Warriors are among the best in the NBA. We could witness the revival of a dynasty if Klay Thompson or James Wiseman are healthy and fit by the playoffs.


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