Online Gambling Laws in Sweden under ECJ Investigations

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The European Court of Justice or ECJ is subjecting the online gambling laws of Sweden to scrutiny. The decision came after the European Commission confirmed that the country failed compliance with the legislation and practices for European businesses. EC reiterated that the gambling authorities and government of Sweden must look into their position and be clear about it especially regarding the regulation of Internet gambling industry. In the present, the state-owned gaming operator, Svenska Spel, is the exclusive provider of Internet gaming services in the country. Due to this monopoly of rights, EC officially stated that the Swedish government has breached the rules and regulations applied on all European businesses. This is in regard to the restriction of monopoly as well as the limitation of the free movement of services and goods within the European Union.

Internet gaming in Sweden is one of the sectors generating the most revenues for the government since its operation took place. The likes of casino classics such as online blackjack, video slots, baccarat, roulette, and many other table and card games are made accessible in the Swedish gaming industry. According to sources such as, Ardalan Shekarabi, Minister of Public Administration in Sweden, responded to the claims of the European Commission saying that the government has intent to expedite the implementation of Internet gaming regulations. Shekarabi reiterated that the country is also working to implement the new licensing system and Internet gaming framework in compliance with the law.

The European Commission on the other hand received commendation because of this move according to the European Betting and Gaming Association. The association which is a representative of all privately owned Togel Singapore gaming and Internet betting operators likewise referred to it as a breakthrough decision. According to Maarten Haijer, EGBA Secretary General, the move to investigate the Swedish Internet gambling law is a breakthrough showing the commitment of EC is to uphold fundamental freedoms in the European territories. In November 2013, EC has declared its move to investigate Internet gaming license procedures in countries such as Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, and Poland for compliance with regulatory conditions and business market.

Don’t be afraid to bust

There are a lot of mistakes that new blackjack players make pretty regularly. It’s okay; that’s going to happen to people who are new to any game and it’s part of the reason this blog exists. The biggest mistake that new players make is not sticking to blackjack basic strategy, though they do that for various reasons. One reason is that they think they have a better strategy. Another reason is if they just don’t remember it but are playing anyway without a strategy card. One of the most common reasons, though, is out of timidity.

New players are often intimidated by the thought of busting and play a bad strategy because of it. It is a problem that some blackjack players call “bustophobia.” Here’s an example of how the problem manifests itself:

You have a hard 16 and the dealer has a 7 as his up card. You know that you have a stiff hand and have a good chance of busting if you hit, so you stand, afraid of going over 21.

That is the wrong strategy. In that case, the odds and basic strategy say that you have the best chance of winning the hand if you hit. It’s true that you have a good chance of busting, but if you stand, you have a better chance of being outdrawn by the dealer. Now, if the dealer had a 2-6 as an up card, standing is the right call, because he might also have a  stiff hand.

Against a dealer 7, though, the odds say to draw. That is because with your hand, you have a 5 in 13 chance of improving your hand by drawing an ace, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Those odds sound bad, but consider this. The dealer has a 7 as an up card, that means he has a 4 in 13 chance of already having your hand beat, a 1 in 13 chance of having the same hand, and a 1 in 13 chance of having a soft hand.

Blackjack basic strategy isn’t some arbitrary thing that some dude thought up one day and has never been tested. It has been tested repeatedly and statistically proven to give you the best odds of winning. Even when it looks like the move it recommends is too risky, you should trust the math and stick with basic strategy. Don’t be afraid to bust; it will happen sometimes anyway and it’s not that scary!



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